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The Basics

The basic rules are the same with a motor vehicle as with a property if you do not maintain it the repair cost will be sky high. Defects on a property takes years before it is visible and therefore it is important to be proactive and adhere to the product application intervals and product life span which can differ between the different climates we have, the application info given on any product are normally very general and not climate specific. This is where the technical expertise of ComSpec Inspect adds their value, where they can identify defects and hidden maintenance issues before they become an expensive repair exercise.

Following are the major principles on maintenance issues, how to identify, treat and prevent them, in a fairly general type application. One must understand under no circumstances are we re-writing the product specifications, this document’s pure purpose are to put you the reader into a maintenance orientated mindset when it comes to your property and the maintenance thereof. 

Always adhere to the specific product specification on preparation, usage and or application and follow-up life cycle (recoating).

Let’s start off with the first and most important tool the scheduler following is your basic planner you can add or delete or paint it pink if you want too but the function of it is to warn you the property owner in advance what need to be done in a glance: A good place is to print it on an A3 or A1 paper laminate it and fix it to a garage wall or draw up a blank schedule laminate it and use a dry-wipe pen easily to change as your budget allows it.

Most of the items can be moved onwards with a year but try to keep to your plan the day you sell the property is the day you’ll reap all the fruits of your preventative maintenance schedule

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Applying a cost effective maintenance schedule from day one will save the investor or property owner thousands in the long run on any given property. It is a fact when a repair issue becomes visible to the untrained eye on a property it is 90% of the time to late for a low cost repairs.