Condition or Disclosure Inspections

With the new regulations Gazetted on the 1st of February 2022 not disclosing defects if proven can lead up to a seventy-five thousand rands fine or imprisonment up to six months. If the seller requests the inspection the condition or disclosure inspection eliminates the risk. In some instances, the buyer requests an inspection insuring himself or herself with the knowledge of repairs and estimated costs of repairs.


Dilapidation Inspection or Crack Survey

The dilapidation or crack survey consists of a Pre and a Post Inspections. Both inspections are dated visual records of the condition of the building in a pre-determined radius around the demolition site.


Solar Maintenance Thermal Inspection

If you think your solar plant does not need maintenance, you are in for a costly surprise. Not only do we do a visual inspection, but thermal imaging helps us identify problems that can affect the PV System’s performance.

Your PV side is DC Voltage and is prone to hot connections, which could lead to an increased risk to the solar installation and property or building.

Thermal imaging identifies hot spots, micro cracking on panels, failing MC and other connections, and pick up if any inverters or MPPT controllers cooling are functioning. Thermal imaging of the solar plant is a non-intrusive (NDT) inspection. We do not touch, modify, or switch the solar plant off; we need the plant running for optimal testing.



Structural Condition

As per the OHS Act, every public building should be inspected annually from a structural safety aspect. With small upcoming landlords, they are by default the accountable person. We at ComSpec can take over the 16.2 responsibility by doing all statutory inspections.


Infra-Red Scans on Electrical Reticulation

As per the act, any public building’s electrical reticulation is to be scanned with an infra-red camera followed by an after-service report on rectifications.


Forensic Investigation

Mainly on disputes with regards to damages, route cause determination, building disputes or any other building structural or cost-related inspection services in need of a detailed visual descriptive report.


Due Diligence Surveys

The due diligent report in the retail and commercial sector reporting on all statutory and non-statutory effects ensuring the seller disclosed defects and certifications where applicable, covering deed searches, electrical & electrical fence C.O.C.’s, lightning arrester testing and certification, wood borer and rodent infestations, gas installation C.O.C.’s, subsurface or open mounted tanks, general risk assessments, OHS related structural assessment.